Windows Updates

July 7, 2021

Performing Windows Updates

Almost weekly, Microsoft will issue updates for their operating system.  These updates include improvements, new features, and most importantly, patches for recently discovered security vulnerabilities.  If we have worked on your computer or you have purchased one from us, we have adjusted the appropriate settings for this to happen automatically.  Sometimes, this might not happen in a timely matter for several reasons.  Therefore, sometimes we should check for Windows Updates manually to ensure we’re up to date.

Find your search bar on the bottom left-hand side of your screen (see red arrow)—type in the words “Windows Update” (without the parenthesis).  You’ll see “Check for updates” appear on the menu, which you want to click on.

You will then see this window.  The top red arrow points to a button that says “Check for updates”.  Even though it says “You’re up to date,” let’s go ahead and click on the button anyway.  If it changes and says that there are updates available, go ahead and agree to install them.  Once the updates have been installed, continue to click on the “Check for updates’ button until it consistently says that “You’re up to date.”

Notice the area the second red arrow is pointing to.  Be aware that some updates that are available will appear here as well.  In this case, you would click on “Download and install”.

As a disclaimer, let me remind you that sometimes Windows Updates change the ways things appear.  What Microsoft deems as an improvement might be viewed by someone else as an unnecessary or annoying alteration.  Because Windows Updates are significant and likely to occur automatically in the background eventually, it’s best thought of as “the nature of the beast.”

Under normal circumstances, we can connect our two computers over the internet.  It’s like having a technician sitting right there beside you, able to help you resolve any problems or answer any questions.  Feel free to call (270) 314-5681.


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