“Computer Dave”

We’re the only service in Owensboro that will perform a full diagnostics on your computer and give you a free estimate. Our rates start at just $35 and we back up our work with a 100% guarantee.

Here’s how our
service works

Step One

Bring us your computer

When you bring your computer to our shop, you can take advantage of our free consultation and free estimates. No appointment is necessary.

If you are disabled or have difficulty getting your computer into the shop, please call us and let us know. One of us will be glad to come outside and meet you at your vehicle to help you physically bring your computer into the shop.



Our check-in process is quick and easy. All we need is your name, address, and a way to contact you. We’ll ask you to describe the problems that you’re having and take careful notes. Check-in takes just a couple of minutes.

You can feel safe leaving your computer in our secure shop, complete with it’s own theft deterrent and fire alarm system monitored 24 hours a day.

step three

Testing & Diagnostics

Next, we’ll take your computer into the tech room where we’ll test the hard drive, memory, and motherboard. We believe that this extensive testing is part of being ethical and honest. For example, if we have reason to suspect that your hard drive is in the process of dying anyway, it would be unethical for us to do the simplest thing to your computer. That’s something we will let you know up front for free. Should the hardware check out, we’ll move onto software diagnostics and figure out what’s wrong with your computer and what repairs are necessary to make it right. Then we will call you with a free estimate.

Step Four

Get it Fixed

Should you decide to approve the free estimate, we’ll immediately begin working on your computer. Depending on the repairs that are needed, we will generally have the job completed in a couple of business days.

Need it back quicker than that? Ask about our priority service. That’s when we move you to the front of the line and have one of our technicians work exclusively on your computer until the job is done!

step five

Ready for a test drive

Once the repair is complete, it’s time for Quality Control. This is where Computer Dave personally checks your computer to ensure that the work is absolutely the best that it can possibly be. Once Computer Dave is satisfied with the work, you will be contacted.

The next part is very important and sets us apart from our competition. Upon your arrival, we sit down with you and your computer and show you what we did, so that you’re comfortable with any changes. We will gladly spend as much time as you need, but this usually takes about 15 to 20 minutes.

Please remember that we back up all of our work with a 100% guarantee. If you are not satisfied with any part of our work, let us know. We will make it right at no additional cost.

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