Custom Built Computers

There are many advantages to having a new machine custom built, as opposed to pulling something off the shelf that’s been “stamped out of a mold”.

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Custom Made Around Your Needs

We can create something specifically for your needs. Marvin, in Rockport, Indiana, needed a machiner to support up to four monitors at a time to enhance his stock trading from home. Since you cannot buy something like that locally, we found just the right video card for Marvin that’s capable of supporting four monitors at a time.  We built the rest of his system around his needs, including a super fast processor and ultra quiet case fans.


Laptop Repair

If it can be repaired, we can do it!

Keep it Local & Save Time

Ordinarily, when a laptop requires disassembly, the majority of companies send the laptop out for repair to the state where the manufacturer is located. Computer Dave will perform even the most strenuous repair right in our shop, drastically improving your turn around time.


New PC Optimization

When you purchase a new Lenovo computer from us, we want it to be like getting a new car with a full tank of gas so that all you have to do is get behind the wheel and drive. But perhaps you have purchased another name brand of computer from somewhere else, and need a little help getting started. We can also help you with that.

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We’ll Save Your Stuff

Let’s say that you’ve purchased a new computer to replace an older one. Even if you’ve been told that’s its not repairable or it will not start, the chances are incredibly good that we can transfer your important data onto your new computer. Things like pictures, documents, music, videos and data from programs like Quicken, Turbo Tax, and Family Tree Maker will appear where you would expect to find them on your new computer.



Sometimes it seems that our society has adopted a belief that if something isn’t working the way we think it should, we ought to just throw it away and purchase a new one. Before we jump to that conclusion with your computer, let’s determine if there might be some inexpensive alternatives.

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Are We Standing On Solid Ground?

When considering whether or not upgrading a computer is going to be wise decision, the first thing we do is test the hard drive. Why? We believe that it would be unethical for us to perform the simplest of tasks on your computer if there were reason to believe that a critical component of your computer were going to fail in the near future anyway. In addition to testing your hard drive we test your memory (RAM), and in most cases make a visual inspection of your motherboard. If any of these things are ‘out of whack’, it’s best that you know about it up front as it will greatly effect your decision as to what you want to do with your computer. We are the only service in this area that will do this diagnostics at absolutely no cost to you.


Virus Removal

Threats are just like infections on the human body. Sometimes they are like getting a splinter. We simply remove the splinter and apply some Neosporin and you’re good to go. Other infections are more deeply rooted into your operating system, and require a lot more effort to remove them.


Full Threat Scan

The next step is to determine if the problems we are experiencing could be caused by an infection, or what we would refer to as a threat. So we perform a full threat scan within both the Windows operating system, and outside the operating system. Some threats are designed to ‘hide’ behind areas of the operating system while it is running. Therefore, a full threat scan when Windows is not running typically reveals hidden threats that were previously undetected. We are the only service in this area that will perform a full threat scan at absolutely no cost to you.


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