Computer Upgrade

Sometimes it seems that our society has adopted a belief that if something isn’t working the way we think it should, we ought to just throw it away and purchase a new one. Before we jump to that conclusion with your computer, let’s determine if a computer upgrade might be an inexpensive alternative.

Is it cost effective?

It’s not set-in stone when you should upgrade a computer versus replacing it outright.  One consideration is whether it’s convenient to upgrade the computer.  Most desktop computers offer ports that are easily accessible, but some laptops and all-in-one computer designs make end-user upgrades a significantly more complicated job, if not impossible.  Consider replacing a computer when the cost of the parts to upgrade it is more than half the price of a suitable replacement.

When you factor the costs of upgrades, think about the four main replaceable components: memory, hard drives, video cards, and processors.

CPU Upgrade

The processor (CPU) determines how much data a computer can handle at one time and how quickly it can handle that data. The main things to consider when buying a processor are the number of cores needed, what the computer will be used for, the type of software to be run, processor compatibility, and the speed of the processor.  At Computer Dave’s we have technicians with years of experience building gaming rigs and servers that can help you select just the right one.

If you are considering replacing the processor, a motherboard upgrade will likely be required depending on its age.  For example, Intel processors have a history of changing their socket configuration on each new generation, requiring a more modern motherboard.  AMD processors on the other hand are a little more forgiving.  Should a motherboard upgrade be necessary, a memory upgrade would be expected.  Replacing these many components basically constitutes a completely new build considering that the only remaining components are the case and power supply.

Whether you’re upgrading your processor or considering a new build, security may be a factor.  Intel announced in January of 2018 that a vulnerability existed in almost every processor manufactured after 1996 that could potentially allow criminals to see sensitive information being processed.  As recent at June, 2020 even more vulnerabilities and variants have plagued the Intel processors, widely considered to be unsafe from a security point of view.  AMD processors on the other hand are a completely different architecture and do not suffer from the security vulnerabilities of the Intel processors.

Memory (RAM)

With today’s performance machine, it’s more vital than ever to have the best RAM under the hood. Memory that is both reliable and speedy contributes just as much to your machine’s performance as the best processor and the best graphics card, considerably improving its performance while also minimizing sluggishness when tackling the most demanding tasks.


Graphics Card

Next to the central processing unit (CPU), the graphics processing unit (GPU) has the most impact on a gaming PC’s performance. The GPU consists of an additional processor that takes data from the prosessor, and translates it into images that can be rendered on your display. In other words, when you’re playing a game, the GPU is doing most of the heavy lifting.  Our technicians have years of gaming experience and can help you select just the right card that’ll be a real game changer.


Solid State Drives

After 2020 you have two types of storage for your computer.  The first is called a hard drive (or mechanical drive).  Just to put this into perspective a mechanical drive is the same technology we used to put man on the moon.  On the inside of a mechanical drive you have many moving parts.  Over time, these parts create heat and friction, which creates wear and tear.  And eventually they fail, sometimes with the high consequences of data loss.

The alternative is called a solid-state drive (SSD).  An SSD has no moving parts.  Therefore, it is extremely dependable, very fast and produces little heat.  Less heat in electronics is a good thing.  An SSD also requires little energy to operate.  So, in a laptop this can dramatically increase the amount of time between charges.

The bottom line is this.  Upgrading to an SSD will dramatically increase the performance and dependability of your system.  Once considered an expensive upgrade, SSD’s have become a very economical option.



A Better Operating System

Your computer’s operating system manages all of the software and hardware on the computer.  Windows 11 should be configured to update itself automatically.  If not, you could be missing out on important security updates and improvements to the operating system.  Another important aspect of upgrading your computer are software drivers, which tell the hardware how to properly communicate with the software.  Without the proper software drivers, the hardware may not function properly.  There’s also security to consider and vulnerabilities that could exist in the operating system.  Our experienced technicians will thoroughly inspect your operating system at no cost, and advise you on any changes that could enhance your upgrading choices.


We Guarantee It

We are the only repair service in town with a 100% guarantee. If you are not absolutely satisfied, we make it right at no additional cost to you, period. In addition to that, if you have any questions or problems, you just call our cell phone number. You’ll get Computer Dave or one of our knowledgeable technicians, not a call center or a robot. We even have the ability to connect our two systems together over the Internet should you need us.


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