Windows 7 Retirement

May 13, 2019

We loved Windows 7 and considered it to be one of the best operating system developed by Microsoft. 

However, support for Windows 7 ends January 14, 2020 and therefore will be considered unsafe to use “due to significant security implications that arise when support no longer exists”.

Think of it this way.  Microsoft is the shepherd and all of these computers running Windows 7 are sheep.  Since July, 22nd, 2009, the shepherd has done a commendable job guarding his flock.  But when January 2020 rolls around, the shepherd turns his back on his flock and walks away, leaving the sheep vulnerable to wolves waiting in the bushes to devour them.

So what do you do?  A large majority of these machines running Windows 7 have older hardware that will not be compatible with Windows 10.  That may mean replacing your older computer with a new one.  Whether you purchase your new computer from us, or one of our competitors, we’ll be happy to transfer everything off of your old one onto the new one.  Then we will help you get everything set up to where all you have to do is take it home and turn it on.

If your computer is newer, the manufacturer may have gone to the expense of developing software drivers for your computer for Windows 10.  If that’s the case then it may be cost effective to upgrade your existing Windows 7 computer to Windows 10.

Some people do not like the learning curve between Windows 10 and Windows 7.  We can make this transition extremely easy for you by making Windows 10 look and feel just like Windows 7.  You won’t even notice the difference.

The bottom line is this.  Bring in the computer that you are using now and take advantage of our free consultation.  We will start out testing your existing hardware to ensure you are standing on solid ground, and check with the manufacturer to see if a Windows 10 upgrade is possible.  It won’t cost you a dime to find out.


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