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January 13, 2024

Locals know I will stand behind my product when they purchase their computer from me.  That’s the bottom line.  Although I’ve enjoyed about a one percent failure rate out of the carefully selected models we’ve chosen to offer if you were to be the exception, your new computer would be repaired at the store or replaced free of charge.  Unlike the Big Box Store, there’s no hassle with finding the original box or receipts.  We have records; it’s that easy.

Before leaving the store, we thoroughly prepare your new computer to be as easy to use as possible.  After it’s home, if there are any questions or problems, there’s no need to call another country or speak to a robot.  You call us directly.  With your authorization, we can connect our two computers over the Internet, and it is just like we were there in person.  We can remotely help install the printer software, get you logged into your favorite sites, or help you get acquainted with your new system.  This is free for the first ninety days. Simple.

Ditch the Big Box Store hassle and enjoy the benefits of a locally-owned business.


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